Regulation Research Conference 2023

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September 1st

October 1st

November 1st

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Dezember 4th-5th, 2023


Regulatory instruments aim to elicit a concrete response on the part of the regulatory addressees. This reaction regularly consists of a concrete action or omission. To obtain such behavior, the law may use different regulatory instruments. Some seek to deter disapproved behavior (“stick”), while others rely on rewards (“carrots”) to induce desired behavior. The law thus makes use of the insights of economics and social psychology to achieve the most precise control of behavior. But what happens when different people respond differently to such incentives? What frightens one person off leaves another cold. Do we need different regulatory instruments for different social groups? Or do we need fully personalized law that provides for each person exactly the regulatory instruments that best govern them? Can AI be used to target individual people, or would that be the end of governmental regulation?

Keynote speaker: Omri Ben Shahar

University of Chicago

Topics. We invite papers studying differences on the part of regulatory addressees, resulting problems in controlling people and possible regulatory solutions. We welcome papers in law, economics and social psychology. Research at the intersection of these disciplines is particularly welcome. We are open to empirical quantitative work, experimental studies, and qualitative work. Empirical and experimental papers with strong theoretical foundations will be considered a priority, but studies advancing conceptualization and our understanding of regulatory research as well as specific case studies are cordially invited as well.

Format of the conference.We aim to create a forum where scholars interested in regulation research can present and discuss theoretical, empirical and policy-related research. The format of the conference accommodates for a keynote, several invited presentations and room for open submissions by scholars in the field. We plan approximately 30 minutes for a presentation and each paper will be assigned a discussant. To this end, we invite full papers, though extended abstracts will be considered, provided that the full paper can be available by the registration deadline, for the discussants’ perusal. We plan for plenary sessions only, but in the case of many high-quality papers submitted to the conference, we will organize additional poster sessions with ample space for discussion in a friendly atmosphere.

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