Regulation Research Conference 2022

Legislators pursuing a specific regulatory goal have a whole toolbox of regulatory instruments at their disposal. So far, little research has been done on the relative advantages and disadvantages of these different regulatory instruments or on their actual consequences. The effects of regulatory instruments can be roughly divided into the categories of effectiveness, side effects and costs. The conference focused on the effectiveness of one or more regulatory instruments.

Session 1

Paper: Dominik Schmidt, Thomas Stoeckl, Stefan Palan, Having a say on insider trading regulation. An experiment studying traders’ choice of regulation.
Discussant: Theodore Alysandratos

Paper: Theodore Alysandratos, Is One Judging Head the Same as Three: A Natural Experiment on Individuals vs Teams
Discussant: Dorothee Mischkowski

Session 2

Paper: Lars Hornuf, Disclosure Deregulation of Quarterly Reporting
Discussant: Dominik Schmidt

Paper: Robert Merl, Thomas Stoeckl, Stefan Palan, Insider Trading Regulation And Shorting Constraints. Evaluating The Joint Effects of Two Market Interventions
Discussant: Santiago Gomez-Cardona

Keynote Address

Christoph Engel: Squaring the Circle: Empirical Scholarship that is Sound and Relevant at the Same Time

Session 3

Paper: Christian Traxler, Swiftness of Punishment
Discussant: Joanna Tyrowicz (ad hoc comments)

Paper: Florian Diekert, Tillmann Eymess, Timo Goeschl, Santiago Gomez-Cardona, and Joseph Luomba, The Cost of Compliance: Subsidizing Legal Production Inputs for Natural Resource Use
Discussant: Pietro Battiston

Session 4

Paper: Pietro Battiston, Loran Chollete, Sharon Harrison, May The Forcing Be With You: Experimental Evidence on Mandatory Contributions to Public Goods
Discussant: Moran Ofir

Paper: Dorothee Mischkowski, A Social and Personality Psychological Perspective on The Design of Regulatory Instruments
Discussant: Alexander Hellgardt

Session 5

Paper: Stefan Bauernschuster: Speed Limit Enforcement and Road Safety
Discussant: Thomas Stoeckl