Regulation Research Conference 2023

In December 2023, we hosted the second annual Regulation Research Conference in Regensburg. The event featured a distinguished lineup of speakers, including Omri Ben-Shahar from University of Chicago, who delivered a thought-provoking keynote on personalized law. Our gratitude goes out to all the participants for their valuable insights and engaging contributions that enriched our discussions. The vibrant exchange of ideas and lively debates truly made the conference a success. As we reflect on the success of last year’s RRC, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to gather once again in 2024, with renewed enthusiasm and a commitment to furthering the discourse on regulatory research. Thank you all for making the conference a memorable experience, and we look forward to building upon this success in the upcoming year.

December 4th

Session 1

Paper: Dorothee Mischkowski, Jasper Siol, Isabel Thielmann, Negotiation designs through the lens of situational affordances – A person-situation perspective on negotiation behavior in public good settings
Discussant: Alexander Hellgardt
Paper: Yoan Hermstrüwer, Mahdi Khesali, Doing It Right, Doing It Wrong: The Effect of Expressive Voting in Normative Conflicts
Discussant: Sergio Mittlaender

Session 2

Paper: Pietro Battiston, Simona Gamba, Sharon G. Harrison, My Poor(er) Friend: Economic Segregation in Public Good Games
Discussant: Svenja Hippel
Paper: Giorgio Rampa, Margherita Saraceno, How hard it is scoring a bullseye: Public health policies and vaccination hesitancy in a heterogeneous population
Discussant: Theodore Alysandratos

Keynote adress

Omri Ben-Shahar (University of Chicago)
Personalized law in a Heterogeneous Society

Session 3

Paper: Stefan Bauernschuster, Matthias Blum, Erik Hornung, Christoph Koenig, The Political Effects of the 1918 Influenza Pandemic in Weimar Germany
Discussant: Joanna Tyrowicz
Paper: Peter Lewisch, Incentives reconsidered: Scrutinizing behavioral stimuli in their role to guide & direct human behavior
Discussant: Margherita Saraceno

December 5th

Session 4

Paper: Alisa Frey, Carina Fugger, Nicolas Fugger, Alexander Rasch, Occupational licensing and quality in a market for experience goods: Experimental evidence
Discussant: Dorothee Mischkowski
Paper: Theodore Alysandratos, Abigail Barr, Cormac Bryce, Thorsten Chmura, Liz David-
Barrett, Marcus Giamattei, The behavioural foundations of international anti-bribery law: Results from an incentivised, online, cross-country experiment
Discussant: Pietro Battiston

Session 5

Paper: Svenja Hippel, Sven Hoeppner, Bertram Lomfeld, A laboratory experiment on fairness preferences for sharing losses in insolvency
Discussant: Karoline Ströhlein
Paper: Sergio Mittlaender, Normative Beliefs about contract enforcement
Discussant: Peter Lewisch